About Make the Moove

About Make the Moove

You Matter

Make the Moove is a mental health initiative that was founded in Devils Bit Macra in Tipperary in 2018 and was pioneered by John Keane and Jonathan Dwyer. Make the Moove grew out of frustrations that came from Macra members seeing more and more of their friends dying from Suicide. Despite there being good services available from both the state and the not-for-profit sector, they were not enough to stem the ever-increasing rates of suicide, especially in young rural males.

Over the course of the last few years Make the Moove has provided awareness talks to a number of different groups including providing awareness talks to Teagasc students.

In November 2023, with the support for FBD, Make the Moove relaunched its awareness campaigns and training in partnership with UCD Agri Mental Health Group. The awareness campaign and training will provide people with the skills to listen and to help them understand what to do with what they hear.

Make the Moove also launched its Critical Response Team. Make the Moove has teamed up with mental health professionals whose experience to date has ostensibly been in the Irish Defence Forces providing mental first aid. We refer to this as Crisis Response Team (CRT). In the event of a tragedy, what is required at the outset is a set of nonjudgmental ears that can listen, that can assess the individual and can triage if necessary.

Make the Moove intends to have one central point of contact, that in the event of a tragedy, a member of the community can ring and Make the Moove will send the CRT for as long as they are required. This is not limited to Macra members and is a free service, it will start the healing.